Grant Process

  • Schedule: The Board of Directors of the Roller-Bottimore Foundation reviews applications and makes allocations in June and December of each year. Deadlines for submission of complete grant applications are May 1 and November 1. The Administrative Advisor to the Board of Directors reviews each application for completeness and compliance with the Grant Guidelines to present it to the Board of Directors for review and decision.
  • Grant Application Form: Each applicant must complete and submit a Grant Application on the form and in the manner prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • Grant Application Package: In addition to the Grant Application Form, all applicants must submit the following in support of the application:
    • Any further detail on the project the applicant wishes to be considered, such as how the project aligns with the primary interests and mission of Roller-Bottimore Foundation set out in our Grant Guidelines, and a schedule for implementation;
    • A budget for the project showing total cost, funds committed by the applicant, and funds already raised or committed from other funding sources;
    • Project personnel and their qualifications;
    • The applicant’s current financial statement;
    • Description of the applicant’s governing body and name of any parent organization; and
    • The applicant’s most recently filed IRS Form 990.
  • Review and Decision. The Board of Directors will review the Application Package and will notify the applicant of the outcome or if additional information is needed. The Board of Directors may grant the application in the requested amount or in a higher or lower amount, or may deny the application. There is no additional review or appeal of a Board decision. Each Board decision is without prejudice to the applicant’s opportunity to submit subsequent applications.

Grant Guidelines

Grants will be for capital projects and for specific programs and projects of an educational, historical, or charitable nature. The primary interests of the Foundation are historic preservation and local history.